Sunday, February 14, 2016


me holding a bouquet of tulips from Andrew
Having been married now for just over 17 years, Valentine's Day isn't exactly a very big deal to us. Some years we celebrate more than others. This year we had a nice lie-in where we literally just cuddled under the covers until we started feeling guilty about not letting the kitty out of the basement.

We had a slow breakfast of steel cut oats (along with several side dishes), while reading the Sunday paper and soaking up the sunshine in the kitchen. Afterwards Andrew phoned his parents who had just returned from their trip down under (which went well he reported).

About mid afternoon we went to the Gateway Film Center to see the anime film, "Ocean Waves," produced by what would later become Studio Ghibli. It was as good a choice of movie as any other since it was about two (male) friends who let their efforts to romance a new girl get in the way of their friendship, but they make up at the end of the film. I don't think either successfully wooed the girl, and there was certainly a lot of slaps and even a punch or two thrown. Not my favorite Ghibli film by any means, but not my least favorite either.

After the film, I dropped off Andrew and headed over to Target to pick up some lunch meat for him, and some cheese cubes in spinach for me. While there I also picked up a fun dessert for us:
While writing this, Andrew shouted to me that a skunk was in our back garden. I saw it run past, head to our neighbor's, then do an about face and head back our way ending up near our other neighbor's shed. Having lived in our house now for just over 10 years, we have yet to actually see a skunk (though we're aware that they're around), so today was a first!
Plans for after dinner include watching "Downton Abbey" and whatever else before calling it a day. Have a good week everyone!

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