Sunday, March 6, 2016

Declutter for Charity...

 I had quite a busy weekend. (first weekend in March 2016)

Friday night Andrew and I went to the Sideswipe Brewery so he could finally cash in his Groupon which was good for a tasting for two, with free pint glasses and growlers to go. Even though I'm not a beer drinker, there were a few flavors that really weren't too bad.* One had a slightly fruity taste while the other was a little coffee-like. He were lucky to get a table since it's a pretty small place and it was pretty busy. I think it's a favorite Friday night hang-out for people. I just wish I liked beer so I could have enjoyed myself more. However, I took my job as designated driver very seriously and Andrew was grateful that I did since he didn't feel up to driving home. I like how the brewery had games you could play, so we took one down and looked at it. It was a very "adult" game similar to Apples to Apples, but strictly 'R' rated. Andrew ended up purchasing one of the beers he sampled, so we left with one full growler in addition to our other three souvenirs (of which I had to do a little rearranging of the contents of our cupboard to accommodate).

* My two favs - Defaced Imperial Red Ale and Coffee Mastermind

Saturday I was at St. Brendan's to help add some faux flowers to the altar for Laetare Sunday, then I volunteered to do the grocery shopping since Andrew was feeling a little hung over : P About mid afternoon I rolled up my sleeves and decided to finally tackle the basement with the goal to separate empty cardboard boxes from empty containers from seasonal decorations and whatever else I had stacked in the middle of the room. I was mostly done by the time I had to leave for church, but I finished up the last of it today.

I ended up with (2) bags and (2) boxes of stuffed animals, (2) boxes of toys/games, one box of misc. stuff, and one bag of material: all to go to different charities. The toys and games went to Westside Free Store Ministries. A girl a few streets away volunteered there recently and said they were greatly in need of many things including toys. I also went to Giant Eagle on Tuesday and bought a cart load of stuff (which I think I told you about already), so I tried to be generous. The box of miscellaneous stuff was dropped off at Goodwill and the bag of material went to my church. Sister Joanne is currently collecting mason jars and cotton material to make  chocolate chip cookie mix in a jar for new members of our parish. I went through my stash of material and found some great big swatches that I think will look fabulous, so I cut her several pieces and dropped them off earlier this afternoon.

Now I am just waiting on someone to come pick up the cardboard boxes on our front porch (all of which I collected from work over the last couple of months). I feel a lot lighter, but I still have lots of boxes of stuff to sort, but at least now everything looks all tidy. I also have a whole bunch of empty containers I plan to sell at Karen's garage sale this summer (unless I decided to sell them on Craig's List first). I have a bunch of papers to sort that I plan to divide into 7 different folders so I have one folder to go through every night. I think that's doable.

I almost forgot - at work I got a sort of promotion, or at least a new responsibility. For the past few years, on and off, I have been inputting the billing totals for our region and the Cincinnati region (which is only about 7 people). Starting Monday I will be doing it for our other two regions as well, so that's at least another 8-10 people. I think I also have to compile a monthly report, which I will be shown how to do.

Tomorrow we have a new part time regional secretary (whose job this would have been, but they've decided to just let me do it since I'm more stable and already know how to do it) starting, so I have to train her on how to answer the phones, etc. I always dread this because it doesn't take very long, then I'm left just making small talk to kill time. Also, my lunch hour has been bumped up an hour so I will eat at noon now instead of 1pm, making a very long afternoon, so kind of dreading that. However, my friend from upstairs has an early lunch too, so we might take walks together, which will be nice. When I was in England my lunch hour was 11:45-1pm (and I often worked til 5:45pm), so I have had earlier lunches previously (and Andrew has his early too).

Well, hope you (mom and dad) enjoyed Jay Leno on Friday. I think I will postpone watching the final episode of "Downton Abbey" since it's scheduled from 9-11pm, and that's past my bedtime. Instead we'll probably watch the 70's episode of this show: and then "Walking Dead" before calling it a day.

"Back in Time for the Weekend" (the 70s)
Have a good week everyone!

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