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Thursday April 14, 2016
Girl’s Night Out Pottery Class

Tonight, along with five other ladies I attended the first of a three night coil pottery class being held at my neighbor’s house at Cross Studio. We’re creating pots in the style of the late Austrian artist, Friedensreich Hundertwasser. The class was originally designed just for children, but I asked Jennifer if she would consider having one for adults as I was quite interested in making a pot. She asked around and managed to drum up enough interest, so the class was a go.

Of the six of us, two of us (myself and Jessica, one of my classmates) are going to put our designs on the outside, whereas the other ladies are bending, twisting, and braiding their coils to make their pots more ornate. I really wasn’t sure what I wanted my pot to look like, and figured I’d see how it went. I kind of wish I had been braver with my design as right now I’m lacking inspiration for  next week. I just don’t want it to look like a similar creation I made in high school which turned out to be a cookie jar (which I still have) with a face.

Friday April 15, 2016
Girl’s Night Out – Dinner & a little grocery shopping

Tonight after work I was in the parking lot talking with my friend, Anthea and she asked me if I could recommend a good curry place. I didn’t hesitate to answer, “Aab India,” which both my husband and I have been to several times, including their Grandview location. I am partial to their Mango Lassi and various cheese cube recipes (like Saag Paneer). We talked about it for awhile and then I finally just blurted out, “I’ll join you if you want,” so that’s how our evening took off.

Traffic was heavy, so it was slow going, but I knew we didn’t need to worry about making a reservation since they’re never that busy. We got seated straight away and then it was a long period of contemplation since they have such a varied menu. We ended up ordering a sampler platter, lentil donuts (a savory delight!), and several kinds of Naan bread. For our main courses she ordered Chicken Tikka Masala and I ordered the Paneer Jalfreezi. We both ordered ours medium, but hers was a bit spicier than mine, but with a much better flavor. Mine had too much of a ketchup taste for my liking, but I’m sure the leftovers will get finished (but perhaps eaten over a hot dog rather than with rice).
me and Anthea

Bottom's Up!

Afterwards we walked next door to the Fresh Thyme market, which seems pretty similar to Trader Joe’s, but is a lot more open plan, and without all the charm and interesting food of Trader Joe’s. We both purchased a spinach feta pastry and I bought some bananas, cereal, and a bottled coffee drink. Not sure I’d shop there again in a hurry, but perhaps if I needed something after having dinner next door. There’s also an Indian grocery on the other side of the restaurant a few doors down. That seemed a lot busier than Fresh Thyme where we were pretty much the only customers.

All in all it was a pretty fun unplanned evening, and I look forward to more spontaneous evenings out.

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