Monday, May 16, 2016


Sunday May 15, 2016
Since Andrew’s birthday is on Monday (and he opted not to take the day off), we decided to start the celebration a bit early by going out for brunch to Super Chef, which is where I originally wanted to go on my birthday, but changed my mind and we went to IHOP instead.

When we arrived at Super Chef (about an hour later than I anticipated since Andrew wanted to sleep late and I took a shower) it was as busy as I expected and I figured we’d have at least a half hour wait, but we lucked out and were seated within about five minutes.

This is not a place to go to have a relaxing breakfast, and definitely not somewhere to go when you’re hungover. The retro 80s music blares, servers bustle back and forth and conversations intermingle, so, like I said, not exactly a quiet place to eat (at least in comparison to the chain restaurants we usually patronize).

The décor is best described as comic book chic and the servers were all wearing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle t-shirts. Not sure if the dress code changes with whatever movie is currently in vogue (in which case they probably should have been wearing Captain America/Iron Man shirts.

It was a tough decision what to order being unsure whether we’d ever visit again. I was torn between the Red Velvet pancakes with cream cheese between the layers, or the Reese’s Cup pancakes with peanut butter between the layers. Figuring that was something Andrew would never make for me, nor I for myself, I went with that while Andrew ordered the Bananas Foster pancakes.

We quickly discovered how you make seven 5” pancakes stay perfectly balanced – half a dozen strategically placed toothpicks do the job. You just have to make sure you remove them as you go so you don’t accidentally ingest one.

I gave up about halfway (after requesting some syrup since my pancakes were quite dry because of all the peanut butter) whereas Andrew managed 5 out of his 7 before he called it a day. I’m sure the half a dozen or so people waiting were glad when we capitulated and packed up our leftovers to go. It’s definitely not somewhere to linger, not that you can very easily have conversations over the loud music.

Andrew took the pancakes back to the car and then we decided to walk over to the art museum since that was only a few blocks away. I wasn’t sure what time they opened on a Sunday, but again, we lucked out and were able to go right in. Also, it’s free on Sundays, so that was a bonus.

Having just visited there in December with Russ, we had already seen most of the current permanent collection on display, and the new Picasso exhibit wasn’t yet open to the public, so we just wandered in and out of rooms. I invented a new game to amuse myself. If money were no object or someone was buying it for you, what one work of art would you most want for your house? I didn’t dare engage Andrew in this game for fear he already thinks I’m frivolous enough.
Best (and certainly biggest) inflatable ever!
There were some absolutely beautiful hand painted ostrich eggs in one of the corridors that I enjoyed looking at from every angle. If I had to choose what to paint on one, I think I would have done a hot air balloon like someone else did. I might also have tried to create a basket to go underneath (though this artist did not). We also checked out the album art collection (most of which Andrew said he had already seen) displayed in the basement area of the museum. I tried to encourage Andrew to draw his old band’s logo (Alien) on a piece of black construction paper, a stack of which was set out to attract all artist wannabes. I took a piece home just in case he changed his mind and wanted to do it later.
definitely the funniest egg amongst them
We stopped at the gift shop on the way out, and as usual, I didn’t buy much – just a set of 5 collectable buttons with a selection of some of the works of art in the museum’s permanent collection, as well as an inexpensive (because it’s so small) museum guide and a gourmet blueberry marshmallow treat to surprise Andrew on his birthday (though he met up with me before I checked out ruining the surprise).

We loved the funny labels on all the homemade soaps (which were $10 each). I really wanted to buy one, but Andrew talked me out of it. Here’s two of our favorites:

I know I always say this, but I wish our museum was just a bit bigger. I always feel disappointed when I realize we’ve visited every room. In a way it’s nice because it’s not overwhelming, but I wish they could have maybe added more floors even if they couldn’t spread out more on the current grounds. I suppose the only way that would happen is if their donors increase their pledges. I am not currently a member, so I suppose I am part of the problem.

When we got back to our car, Andrew was a bit chagrined to see someone had dented his front bumper, which he probably wouldn’t have noticed if he hadn’t seen the note someone left under his windshield. It was nice that they were honest instead of just leaving the scene since no one was there to witness it. Hence, Andrew had probably had enough of bad drivers that day to last him the rest of the week (after being cut off earlier that morning)!

As per usual, I am always sad to get in our car and drive back to the suburbs. It’s nice to go downtown or over to campus occasionally to get a change of scenery, even if Columbus is hardly ‘the big city,’ it’s big enough to suit us. I just added to my Bucket List, ‘Rent an apartment/condo/house located in the heart of downtown somewhere just for a year so you can get a taste of true city living.’ I suppose we could always rent out our house with the understanding that it was only for a year.

Monday May 16, 2016
Here's the birthday boy and some of his pressies:
"Little Britain" mug

thrift store find, but he still likes it
I can't wait until you tell me where we're going for dinner tonight! (any night I don't have to cook is a night to celebrate!) I also have another surprise for you (something I popped out at lunch and bought).

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