Sunday, June 26, 2016

"Finding Dory"

Friday June 24, 2016
Tonight we went to our local cinema to see "Finding Dory." We very much liked "Finding Nemo" and, like most moviegoers I suspect, were particularly delighted with the comical character of "Dory." Ellen Degeneres is wonderful at voicing this charming little blue fish.

I loved how cute Dory was as a small fish, both the child-like voice and animation of the character. Who wouldn't be won over? The fact that Dory would be given directions and then forget them like two minutes later is something I can definitely relate to, and I could feel my husband's knowing glance at me from time to time. Unlike Dory though, it's not that I have short term memory problems (though I might). It's simply I have no sense of direction (much like the main character of Makoto in my current favorite anime, "The Flying Witch.")

However, at times I did feel the film was a little tedious and just wanted Dory to find her family and everyone to be happily reunited. The End. Now we can all go home. I don't know if this was so much a flaw with the film as much as it was just me being a bit crabby going into the movie (from being tired and having a bad day at work).

I enjoyed the joke about the fish in quarantine at The Marine Life Institute being sent to "The Cleveland" (Aquarium). Perhaps this will help increase attendance to what I've heard is only a mediocre aquarium at best (though I haven't yet visited, so can't say for sure).

At any rate, in spite of my impatience with the film, it's still a movie I can recommend.

Next Up for Movie Reviews: "The Secret Life of Pets" (coming out on July 8th).

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