Saturday, October 29, 2016

Stained Glass Project Update, etc.

Thursday October 27, 2016 

I had my third stained glass class this evening. To bring you up to speed with my progress:

WEEK ONE: Decided on a pattern; Practiced cutting glass by using cheap picture frame glass.
Over the Weekend: Worked on my pattern at home; Made a trip to Hobby Lobby to choose my stained glass pieces (rather than having to wade through my teacher’s boxes of off-casts). 

WEEK TWO: Traced my pattern pieces onto the glass; Started cutting the glass; Made many mistakes and left class slightly frustrated.
After class: Ordered my own cutter and running pliers and awaited arrival from
Monday/Tuesday p.m.: Using the waffle board borrowed from my instructor and my new cutter and running pliers, I cut out the rest of my pieces with only one or two bad cracks.  

WEEK THREE: Brought my roughly cut pieces to class and worked on fixing my big round centerpiece; Was hoping my instructor would fix it for me, but instead just reminded me how to do straight cuts all the way around, cut a few for me, and then left me to it.. One by one I sanded down all my pieces on the grinder. Only one piece didn’t pass inspection, so my instructor regrinded it for me; Left feeling rather satisfied with my progress. : )

my pieces all freshly sanded and mostly fitting together
(3 Classes Left to Go!)

Saturday October 29, 2016

This afternoon we drove to Antrim Park, which is a park not too far away that has a 1.3 mile walking/running trail and bike path that encircle a lake. It’s not the most scenic park I’ve ever visited, but my friend, Anthea, is right that it certainly does break up the monotony of going to the gym. I only wish I had arrived more properly prepared. I was wearing a rather thick (but loose fitting) long sleeve shirt and jeans, both unnecessary because of the warm temperatures. Wish I had worn a t-shirt and shorts like many of the people we passed on the trail. Also could have done with either sunglasses or a baseball cap since the sun was rather bright. I am fortunate that Andrew was kind enough to loan me his sunglasses while he donned a baseball cap that he keeps in his glove box for such occasions (I keep sunglasses in mine, but we took his car). All in all I enjoyed our (somewhat brief) walk and will probably come back on occasion. Thanks for the suggestion Anthea!

Have a Happy Halloween and a great week everyone. Go Tribe!

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