Sunday, November 13, 2016

pre-Christmas shopping, etc.

Thursday November 10, 2016
Tonight I learned how to apply flux and solder to my stained glass piece. I had no idea that you melted the solder and dropped it onto your piece. It’s definitely not as easy as my instructor made it look. At one point my spool of solder got stuck to my piece since I wasn’t melting it fast enough. I learned that when you’re soldering, heat is your friend since it makes the solder malleable. So you can always correct a mistake just by applying more heat. I wish our instructor had suggested doing the backside first (but then it would have been a hassle to flip over each piece and tape it down on the other side), but no biggie since both sides turned out more or less the same. Although the spool of solder was pretty warm at times when I went to roll out another length, I managed not to burn myself, so I was happy about that. The board underneath my project has a few scorch marks, but thankfully Andrew (who loaned it to me for my project) isn’t too concerned about it.
Next week our instructor is bringing in edging pieces to tidy up our pieces and make them more presentable. For now my piece is leaning against the window in our library where it will probably go once it’s completed.

Friday November 11, 2016
Today we had gas logs installed in our fireplace, which was quick and easy (though not cheap costing over $1000). I wish we had done this sooner as it makes our living room nice and toasty, not that we’ve really used it yet since we haven’t been home in the evenings over the weekend.

Tonight we attended Hilliard Davidson H.S.’s production of “Plan 9 From Outer Space.” I can’t remember whether or not I’ve seen the movie, though Andrew is pretty sure he has, and both of us have definitely seen “Ed Wood.”

I liked how they updated it with modern day references to pop culture (“The X-Files, etc.). The props and scenery was top notch, as was the acting. My favorite character was General Mills. I look forward to seeing Austin Templin in more productions in the future. My only criticism of the play was that some of the lines got drowned out by the music, so a better job could have been done at controlling the volume there. All in all a first rate production. Good job Hilliard Davidson Drama Club!

Saturday November 12, 2016
Tis the season for craft fairs and Christmas shopping. I am happy to report that I did manage to get a little Christmas shopping done at one of the two fairs I attended today, but as my sister is one of my blog followers (I think), I can’t report what I bought. I’ll suffice it to say I think she’ll like it and be a little surprised. The two craft fairs (one at Darby H.S. and the other at Britton Elementary School) were rather small, at least in comparison to the one at St. Brendan last weekend. The vendors from both craft fairs could have fit comfortably in Darby’s gymnasium with a little room leftover (though there would have been duplicate vendors – 31 Gifts and Origami Owl were at both).
hand quilted hoodie bought at Darby H.S. craft fair
I spent the rest of the afternoon shopping at various places, but mostly at the mall taking care of the rest of my Christmas shopping for my parents. I was a little surprised to see Santa there so soon, but I guess there’s less of a line if you go earlier rather than wait until after Thanksgiving.

In the evening we attended a Six Strings concert at the King Arts Complex in downtown Columbus. It’s somewhere we haven’t been before, but it was a fine venue for the concert. Previously we’ve been to the Lincoln Center and the Southern Theatre to see Suzanne Vega and Dar Williams.

Tonight it was Dar Williams who let local author/activist/poet Harvey Wasserman open for her. He discussed his latest cause, which is to close down every nuclear power plant in America hoping to replace nuclear power with solar and wind energy. Not sure everyone in the audience really paid much attention to him as the three ladies sitting to my right were all texting and reading stuff on their cell phones while he spoke. At least they put their phones away once Dar came out.

Like last time we saw her, she was fantastic and gave a really good concert. We were more than happy to buy her latest CD and have already listened to it a couple times. Now we’re both just hoping Suzanne Vega tours again sometime soon.

Well, back to raking more leaves. Have a great week everyone!

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