Monday, December 19, 2016

Friday December 16, 2016
We decided to brave the frigid temperatures and head downtown to check out the lights after my sister’s recommendation last weekend. Apparently we were the only ones in the family not to have seen them yet. I was told there was a giant screen with a fireplace projected on it as well as store windows with scenes from “The Twelve Days of Christmas” displayed in them. We parked in the Columbus Commons garage and emerged from a glass enclosure completely encompassed in blue lights which was kind of funky. We immediately saw the TV screens at the far end of the field. It’s too bad they were only faux fireplaces as a bit of warmth would have been nice, but we soldiered on.
We found the store windows (across from the old Lazarus store) of which the displays were done by the Ohio Arts Council I think. I also liked the many buildings made out of all white Lego, one of which had a moving mechanism.

Across the river we saw an American flag projected onto a set of steps or bleachers, which was certainly large and kind of cool.

On the Scioto Mile where there’s normally a splash park in the summer, there was a TV screen where a figure skating Santa and several reindeer would appear from time to time.  It’s just too bad there wasn’t also an ice rink there. Add a few vendors selling hot cocoa or dry roasted peanuts, etc. and you would almost feel like you were in a proper big city, but Columbus is a bit low key. You have to travel to Cleveland or Cincinnati to really experience the holiday festivities.

After about an hour or so of wandering around we figured we pretty much saw all there was to see, and had experienced as much of the cold as we could take, so we headed home (where we enjoyed mugs of hot chocolate while wearing our furry slippers in front of our gas fireplace).

Sunday December 18, 2016
Tonight we attended the second annual Irish Christmas in America concert in the Abbey Theatre at the Dublin Recreation Center. I honestly don’t remember hearing about it last year, but the holidays are so busy I often don’t have time to make note of every event.

There were six musicians covering the keyboard, guitar, fiddle, bagpipe and Irish flute, and at least a couple vocalists. Occasionally a trio of Irish dancers came out and danced a jig or two. Aside from the music I especially enjoyed the banter between songs and the few jokes they told.
The only thing that could have made the concert more enjoyable is if it were held somewhere with a liquor license. Not to sound like an alcoholic or anything, but Irish music is best enjoyed with a glass of whisky or some other spirits. That’s why I enjoyed our one evening out in Dublin this summer when we went to a local bar to hear a couple musicians catering to the tourists. At any rate, if there’s a third year for this event, you can bet I will be first in line to get tickets.

Slainte (in good health)! Have a good week everyone!

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