Sunday, February 5, 2017

What I've Been Reading Lately...

Well, I've read two books this year - both animal themed. Christmas at Battersea: True Stories of Miracles and Hope and A Dog's Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron (of which the current movie is based on).
They're both tear jerkers and would probably most interest a dog lover, though cats are mentioned in both (I think there's only 2 or 3 cat stories in the Battersea book). I have to admit to crying after reading some of the stories in the Battersea book, while my coworker, who was kind enough to loan me her copy of A Dog's Purpose, said she cried each time the dog ended one life and started another. I'm still not sure I could go see that movie without bawling my eyes out, so perhaps I might wait until it's on dvd or streamable.
Christmas at Battersea is a compilation of adoption stories by very satisfied customers who welcomed a former 4-legged resident of the infamous London shelter into their homes. Of course there's both happy and sad moments in these stories; such is the stuff of life. Overall, it's very heartwarming and almost makes me want to go out and adopt another furry friend (except our resident fur baby is determined to be an only child).
A Dog's Purpose is the story of a dog, told from his (sometimes her) point of view starting life as a puppy, and continually evolving as he ends one life and then begins again as another breed (and sometimes a different sex), all the while wanting to be reunited with his boy, Ethan, whom he met during his second life. I love that the author told the story from the dog's point of view, and it really made me think. What if our pets could reincarnate? How much do our pets pick up on our moods? (I believe they do quite a lot).
I can't say enough good things about both these books, so if you're feeling a little sentimental towards our furry friends, pick up a copy today and you won't be sorry.
Also, while I have your attention, if you do think you might want to adopt a fur baby in the form of a cat or dog, we have plenty of great shelters in Franklin County. I am partial to the Capital Area Humane Society, of which my husband are perpetual donors. Back in December their building suffered severe damage when a frozen pipe burst. Luckily no animals were hurt and they're still able to be housed safely, but the veterinary center and gift shop had to be gutted. Although they were insured, that never covers everything, so I'm sure they could still use your support and donations.
Thanks as always for reading my blog, and have a good week!

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