Sunday, July 19, 2015

another busy weekend...

Friday July 17, 2015
Tonight my husband and I went downtown for the annual showing of a silent film as part of the CAPA summer movie series. The films shown were Charlie Chaplin’s “The Immigrant” and “The Kid.” Originally they were only scheduled to show, “The Kid,” but as it’s only about 70 minutes, it was decided to add on another short to round out the program. Also, the organist told us we were going to see the dvd version of “The Kid” because when they opened the cases containing the reels, they discovered they were one short, and 12 minutes is a lot to miss in a film that’s only just over an hour long, so they had to get the dvd instead. It made no difference to us and definitely preferred to see the movie in its entirety.

As per usual there were antique cars parked outside the theatre to lend the night a sense of authenticity since they were showing a classic film. Also, we happened to notice two men dressed in period costume. They were kind enough to pose for a photo afterwards. Thanks Christopher and Rick!
Also, as per custom, there was a lengthy introduction about the Wurlitzer organ and the organist, Clark Wilson. Although I can appreciate the bragging rights, but for those of us who come every year, it does get a bit redundant. Both Andrew and I were tired and would have preferred if they had just cut to the chase and showed the film. At any rate, both movies were fantastic and we were glad we came out (and also glad the rain held off).

Saturday July 18, 2015
Tonight my sister and I went downtown (second time for me) to the LC Pavilion to see “The Gin Blossoms” perform. They’re a band from Tempe, Arizona whom I first heard perform sometime in the early 90s while I was a student at Kent State University. They’re very bit as good today as they were back then.

We were also treated to not one, but two opening bands – Go Analog, a local band whose music I later purchased off their website (with a minimum donation of $4, but I threw in an extra $1), and Fastball, a group my sister, Karen, had heard of, but I hadn’t. I may have heard their songs on the radio previously, but not sure. I also purchased some of their music (two inexpensive CDs).

For the $15 each I paid for our tickets (using a Groupon, so I got $10 off per ticket), I feel we more than got our money’s worth for the three bands and nearly four hours of music we heard (though that was certainly a lot of standing and our feet definitely hurt by the end of the evening!). This was also a birthday present for Karen. Happy birthday kiddo! Here’s a couple photos from the evening and a copy of the card I made her.

Sunday July 19, 2015
Today is National Ice Cream day, so to celebrate, we decided to patronize one of our favorite local establishments, one which hasn’t had the most brilliant summer (having to close twice because of Listeria), that being Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream. There were only about a dozen flavors to choose from, but it was split between regular flavors (chocolate, vanilla, salty caramel, etc.) and sorbet, so something to please everyone. I got a waffle cone of the Darkest Chocolate and Salty Caramel while Andrew got a cup of the Raspberry Sorbet. Sadly, there were only about three other customers in there with us. We chalk this up to lack of people in downtown Dublin and parents afraid to take their kids there – especially when there’s a place across the street that sells frozen yogurt (although only about a dozen different flavors to choose from there as well). Also, we arrived between storms, and the one that hit when we got home was a full scale monsoon, so that might have kept people at home as well. Either way, unless business picks up, things don’t bode well for Jeni. If you’re reading this and not afraid to take a chance, go visit your local Jeni’s (in Northeast Ohio there’s one in Chagrin Falls, otherwise most of the rest are here in Columbus). We’re pulling for you Jeni!

Have a good week everyone!

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