Monday, July 13, 2015

Friday July 10, 2015
Today was the first day of the annual Arthritis Foundation Classic Auto Show & Cruise-in. I’ve probably attended four or five times previously, though it’s starting to get a bit redundant since it seems to be mostly the same cars every year. The last couple years I’ve only attended because it’s free since I work down the road from where it’s held. This year I was excited because there was a 1936 Stainless Steel Ford Toudor Deluxe Touring Sedan Model 68-700. Apparently it’s only one of six, and I’m pretty sure one of its assembly-line siblings is at the Crawford Auto Museum (which I visited last month). This one is owned by a couple from Harrisburg, South Dakota.

An old guy sitting under the tent near the Ford was encouraging everyone to take selfies with the car, so I did.

While taking pictures I overheard someone talk about White Castle. Since trying one of their sliders was on my Bucket List, I wandered over and handed my $1 up to the employee in the big burger-covered truck and she handed me a small brown bag with their square bun goodness. Even though it was plain with just a pickle, it was pretty good and I look forward to having another one again someday.

Later that evening after work I attended Hilliard Art Council’s annual summer production at Darby H.S. This year they were doing “Music Man,” which was every bit as professional a play as their previous efforts. Jess Hanks as Harold Hill and Christen Joyce as Marian Paroo were both the shining stars with Broadway caliber talent. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the rest of the cast which included dozens upon dozens of cute kids and talented adults wearing fancy costumes purchased by a grant from the Hilliard City Council. I very much look forward to seeing “Urinetown” next summer.

Have a good week everyone!

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