Tuesday, January 19, 2016

No More Braces!!!

January 19, 2016
After having braces for about 17 months, I finally got them off today, for good I hope. I also had braces for a short while when I was 14 (just on my top row), and then later when I was 19 (just on the bottom row). I thought I was done with braces when I was done being a teenager (the same with acne, but I still get that occasionally too), but never say never.

Here are a few photos taken (with my phone) at the orthodontist's office this morning:

This photo is of my orthodontist, Dr. Cook. I was also under the care of Dr. Hutta (Larry David's long lost brother, just kidding), but he wasn't in the office today.

I started planning my celebration lunch/dinner almost as soon as I got my braces on, having been inspired by the character of Sue Heck (from "The Middle"), who only just got hers off a couple seasons ago. Their dining room table was literally filled with all the forbidden food that poor Sue had to go without for like ten years or something.

I thought it was nice of the orthodontist office to give me a parting gift containing some of the previously off-limit foods (along with several retainers and another appt. card to come back for a check-up).
In case you're curious, the first thing I ate (for lunch) was three peanut butter slider sandwiches - one with cream cheese, one with grape jelly and the other a mixture of peanut butter and apple sauce (my favorite recipe from the third grade). I also had a banana and a small pot of yogurt, so it wasn't a completely unbalanced meal.

Dinner was three crunchy tacos from Taco Bell - two Cool Ranch Dorito Taco Supremes and one Nacho Cheese Dorito Taco Supreme. Even though I had to heat them up after I got home, they were like little crispy slices of heaven!!! I'm in love. Move over McDonalds, I have a new lover now, and it's the crunchy tacos from south of the border (not really since they're made here).

Dessert was four s'mores made with dark chocolate Hershey kisses (harder to melt, but prefer dark chocolate to milk), tiny marshmallows and honey graham crackers. Messy, but really yummy.

Suffice it to say I went to bed with a full stomach and a smile on my face!

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