Monday, July 25, 2016

An "Absolutely Fabulous" weekend

This weekend was a little less busy (at least in terms of social engagements), but that was just fine with us.
Friday night we drove to our local AMC theatre with the hopes of seeing the latest, "Absolutely Fabulous" movie. However, less than a minute after our arrival the movie promptly sold out. Andrew suspects they were showing it in the smallest theatre, so probably a lot less capacity. Since there wasn't anything else showing that we wanted to see, we promptly drove home (but at least I was able to get a few things done and get a jump on the weekend).
We then reverted back to Plan A which was to go catch a matinee at the newly renovated art deco style Drexel Theatre in downtown Bexley. We've been there perhaps half a dozen times over the years and love visiting Bexley. Among other places, we've stopped in at the Schumacher Gallery at Capital University where we've seen vintage photos of the Beatles and the Kennedys. Next up is the Animation Art from Around the World exhibit which opens in September. We've also sampled the pizza at Rubino's, enjoyed crepes from C'est Si Bon Cafe, and shopped at the Urban Emporium and Etc. boutique. I kind of wish someone could pick up Bexley and put it where Powell is so it was a bit closer.
The Drexel looks quite spiffy after its facelift. No detail was overlooked and not a penny was spared. I can honestly say the red velvet seats (doubtful they're original) are the most comfortable theatre seats I've sat in anywhere, which certainly made our movie experience all the more enjoyable. I think Andrew wishes he had brought a sweater since the air conditioning was colder than he anticipated.

At any rate, "Absolutely Fabulous" certainly lives up to its name and notoriety. The movie was a Who's Who among British celebrities. There were as many celebrities in this film as in your average Harry Potter movie (though actually not the same celebrities). Probably my favorite cameo was Jeremy Paxton who said, "Surely there must be other things going on in the news," when asked about his reaction to the disappearance (and presumed death) of super model Kate Moss. He also pops up again after the credits, though I can't quite remember what he said.
I also very much enjoyed Rebel Wilson playing a flight attendant or "cb" (cabin bitch) as she called it, on a budget airline (whose name I forget, but was quite amusing). When she tased Patsy (who was smoking in the restroom) within an inch of her life and all Patsy did was shrug it off and say, "Cheers darling, you don't get that on British Airways!" I laughed and laughed.
The movie hit every mark and was timely as far as social media and pop culture is concerned. "Look at me sweetie, I'm twerking!" Patsy says to Edina. "You need to move your bum more," Edina answers back.
There's lots more classic Ab Fab quotes that no doubt will be added to the already voluminous collection of silly things said by Patsy and Edina et al. For Ab Fab fans and lovers of all things across-the-pond, I can't recommend this movie enough. The only thing lacking was me holding a glass of wine/champagne with which to enjoy the movie. They should give all movie viewers a complimentary glass. Cheers!
Have a good week everyone!

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