Sunday, January 22, 2017

A Warm Weather Weekend...

Friday January 20, 2017 
I happened to ask a coworker who had just gotten back from lunch how the weather was. He said, “Gray and dreary. The whole world is sad.”  I don’t think he was just referring to the weather, if you know what I mean. All I know is the sun actually came out during my lunch hour, so I went outside and took a walk. That and being a Friday meant I was in a good mood in spite of events going on in Washington.
In the evening my husband and I attended a play at a local high school. It was called “Geek” and was very much aimed at a niche audience – specifically fans of anime and cosplay. What is anime and cosplay you ask? Anime is the art of Japanese Animation. Cosplay is Costume Play, which is just one of the many events at a “con” (convention) in which fanboys (and sometimes girls) dress up like their favorite anime characters and sometimes stage a faux duel. Often points are awarded for best costume. As someone who has attended Ohiocon (Columbus’ annual Anime convention held every January) on at least a couple occasions, I can tell you people take this very seriously, and I would even go so far as to say it’s an obsession to some (like my husband perhaps, who watches at least a half hour of anime most days). I enjoy Anime too, but dedicate slightly less time to it than my hubby.

Anyway, the play revolves around two girls – Danya and Honey who are determined to get into their local convention (originally set in Cleveland, but for the sake of the local audience, it was moved to Columbus) to meet their idol Joto Samagashi and give him the dvd they, along with Honey’s (recently deceased) sister made where they reenacted scenes from Samagashi’s Anime. They don’t have tickets due to a complication, so their first obstacle is how to even get into the convention. After that it’s confrontations with a myriad of staff and other attendees that keep delaying them. Suffice it to say it does have a happy ending, which is a relief after all the obstacles they have to overcome to meet their idol.

Kudos to the two actresses who played Danya and Honey. Though I haven’t seen the off Broadway version to compare, I think these ladies could have easily held their own in the Big Apple. I also liked the young man who donned the costume of “Squeaker” and kudos to whomever created the costume. It’s pretty close (and better if you ask me) to the one I saw pictured in the NYC version.

Suffice it to say we both enjoyed it very much (as much as one can enjoy something that evolves around a tragedy – that being the death of Honey’s sister). Although it was only a meager audience (mostly friends and family I suspect), the kids didn’t let that dampen their spirits and gave their all and it showed. Another winner at Hilliard Davidson H.S.

Saturday January 21, 2017
A good day for several reasons:

1)    I managed to offload our four bags of Styrofoam from when we cleaned out our crawl space over NY’s weekend. I also met a nice older lady who was the one who volunteered to take our Styrofoam for recycling, after which she planned on stopping at a bakery in the nearby vicinity. She told me that was her ‘ulterior motive.’ Either way, I was glad to be rid of the Styrofoam because of all the space it was taking up in our garage, and it’s at least three months until the next Styrofoam collection locally. It was nice to meet you Sandy and I hope our paths cross again!

2)   My ‘Change Oil’ light came on and I was able to get an appointment at my dealer on a moment’s notice and use the coupon they sent me which saved me $50. Woohoo! The downside is it took them two hours to do since I also had to have an airbag replaced due to a recall in 2016. At least I was able to have lunch at a nearby restaurant and get quite a lot of emails sorted and filed on my laptop.

3)   It was pretty warm with temperatures in the high 50s, low 60s, so it was quite pleasant to be outdoors (at least until a late afternoon shower). Hence, I tidied up a few things in our garage and vacuumed out the inside of my car, which I probably wouldn’t have done if it had been a normal cold winter day.

4)    Earlier in the day when I was at the grocery store I saw a coupon someone had left on the counter for $5 off a $50 purchase. Because I had already swiped my credit card, the checkout girl told me to take my receipt with the coupon to the Customer Service counter where they proceeded to give me $5 and some change as a refund. Thanks to whomever left the coupon. Hope I can pay it forward sometime!

5)     We went out to dinner. I had wanted sushi, so we stopped in at Daruma, a local Hibachi Grill that also serves Sushi. However, being a Saturday night it was pretty noisy and somewhat crowded. I could tell from the sour look on my  husband’s face that he wasn’t very happy, so we left and went out for Mexican instead at the much quieter Lunada (a favorite we had been to on one other occasion), which was just across the way.

Sunday January 22, 2017
Another gorgeous mostly sunny day. I tried to take advantage of the nice weather by spending as much time outside as I could by picking up more twigs strewn about the yard, replacing one of the brass caps which had blown off our gate (actually my husband did this), and just sitting in a lawn chair reading one of the books from my husband’s Calvin & Hobbes boxed set. Our cat seemed to enjoy herself too spending quite a lot of time in the back corner of the garden (where all the catnip grows). She was happier today since there were no run-ins with our neighbor’s cat, Izzy, who had come by for a couple visits on Saturday.

About midafternoon my husband and I took a walk along the Scioto River (the stretch near our neighborhood that starts in UA and runs into Columbus). We weren’t alone as we saw lots of people walking, running, playing, walking dogs, etc. Saw the new Gregory S. Lashutka event center that was built on the east side of the road due to open in May. We also walked down to check out the waterfall further down that is the source of our local drinking water. After seeing the yellowish/brownish color of the foaming water, my husband said he wasn’t feeling too good about our water supply. You could hardly blame him since the swirling, frothing, water closely resembled the brown peaks on the mashed potatoes we top our Cottage Pudding with. Actually, I should probably not make that association for fear it puts me off of Cottage Pie, or at least the topping. At least we haven’t had any more warnings about algae blooms or whatever in our water supply.

When we got home I decided there was time to go through at least one box of stowed away items from down off the shelf in the basement. I selected a box of ceramic items containing several teacups, saucers, bowls, a mug, and some other misc. items. I carefully unwrapped each item before making two piles – Keep and Donate/Sell. After checking with my husband I ended up with about two somewhat even piles. The good news is I managed to pretty much fit all my ‘Keep’ items in the two kitchen cupboards where our excess china is currently stored. This way I can enjoy it more than when everything was wrapped up and stowed away. This is a huge plus of paring down (though I know it feels kind of sad when you don’t have enough storage room for everything you want to keep). 

Still trying to decide whether or not to keep my four ivy Corelle canisters. Although I’m not sure canisters are still in vogue or not, my husband reminded me my sister has a set she uses, so I might try experimenting with some different locations around the kitchen and see if I can work/fit them in. That’s my decluttering lesson for the weekend. Not sure which items I’ll tackle next weekend, but I plan to continue my quest of getting rid of excess stuff until I am down to a more manageable amount of items I can enjoy.

Have a good week everyone!

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