Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Local Little Free Libraries

This summer I decided it would be fun to visit a different local Little Free Library every weekend and photograph each one using actual film (so I could use the camera I bought myself for my birthday last year). I also saved a bag of books so I could donate a book each time. So far I’ve visited one in each of the three cities we live in/near:
1) Hilliard – 3830 Trueman Court (somewhat within walking distance of our house)
This one is near the local Easter Seals office and several medical offices. Not one of the more interesting ones as it’s just the standard white box you can buy online (for about $180 on Etsy).

2) Upper Arlington – 2557 Wickliffe
A bit tricky to find as I didn’t realize Wickliffe was one of those streets that is bisected by another street and the two halves aren’t directly across the street from each other, so I missed it and had to turn around. I eventually found the box without too much trouble.

3) Dublin – 89 W. Bridge Street
After not being able to locate the box allegedly located near where I work (which I guess isn’t there anymore but hasn’t been removed from the map), I found this one located on the side porch of Dublin Community Church. This was the first box that wasn’t the standard issue box. Instead it was an old metal newspaper box dedicated to the memory of one of the parishioners. I should have figured being next to a church that there would be a lot of Christian-themed books inside. Not sure if my copy of The Memory Keeper’s Daughter was a wise choice, but hopefully it’s not too blasphemous. I borrowed a copy of Celtic Crafts, so I was happy to walk away with a book this time.

4) Dublin - 3209 Brampton Street
This box was definitely the easiest to find (though I almost missed the cross street and had to back up a little). My thanks to Robin Bricker for that and providing a shaded seating area (two concrete benches). That was a nice touch.
I bet lots of neighborhood parents probably visit with their kids and perhaps pause to sit down and read a book or two before moving on. I picked up one of my favorites:  From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler by E.L. Konigsburg. I already own a copy, but for some reason, I had to have this one as well (but I plan to pass it on in the spirit of the whole project).

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