Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sunday June 28, 2015
Last week the Mid Ohio Food Bank, of which my husband and I are big supporters, had a special event in which about seven dozen restaurants and lots of local food trucks donated 5% of their proceeds on Tuesday (food trucks) and Wednesday (restaurants). Since my husband was out of town on business and I didn't want to go out alone, I asked my friend Anthea to join me. We ended up going to Figlio's, one of our favorite Italian restaurants, and one in which we haven't visited for quite some time.

Anthea had the shrimp and scallops (I tried a scallop never having had one before) while I had the  Pistachios with Vermont Goat Cheese Pizza (goat cheese with fresh asparagus, red pepper rings, and roasted pistachios. Drizzled with local honey). It was truly delicious and I only ate half so I would have room for dessert. Like myself, Anthea has a sweet tooth, so we both ordered dessert. She got the creme brulee, while I splurged on the red velvet cake. I felt a bit piggish with my huge slab of cake next to her tiny little ramekin. To save face, I only ate half and brought the rest home (which I later shared with my husband, so it was a nice treat later in the week).
Thursday June 25, 2015
Tonight after dinner my husband and I went to the Grandview Theatre to see the new Melissa McCarthy movie, "Spy." Although I really like Melissa McCarthy and am a regular viewer of "Mike and Molly," I am always a bit skeptical about going to see one of her films because, well, quite frankly, they're usually a bit moronic, or at least that's how they appear to be in the trailers. The exception, of course, is "Bridesmaids," (but she was only a supporting character) and "St. Vincent," which was more of a drama than a comedy. If the critics hadn't liked the film so much neither of us probably would have bothered to see it, or possibly wait for it to show up on dvd or Netflix. I agree with my coworker who said it's a bit heavy on the f-bomb. That it is, and it's a bit crude in places where they could have cleaned it up a bit and perhaps gotten a PG or at least a PG13 rating. Still, I did laugh out loud a few times, so I guess that's saying something!

A photo of me  next to the Tardis, which was donated to the theatre a few years ago.

Saturday June 27, 2015
Today was my nephew's 9th birthday party. Being the youngest in our family, I lose track of how old he's getting, but he's certainly growing up. I think he's going to be in third grade in the fall. He plays baseball on a traveling league, along with his big brother, Rhys, though they're on different teams. My sister said he's good at taking initiative when it comes to finding ways to earn money for something. He's had a lemonade stand and his own version of the shell game using cups with candy or coins. I forget which. Apparently it's quite profitable and there's certainly no guarantee of success for the gullible neighborhood children. Carter is also apparently quite good at figuring things out on his own when he's interested in learning a new skill. Several years ago when those colorful plastic bracelets were all the rage (made on a loom using lots of tiny rubber bands), he enthusiastically cranked those out for family and friends. His latest hobby is making You Tube videos.

It was a nice little party, though Grandma and Grandpa Denison, Uncle Andrew, and the Weer cousins were absent, but that just left more ice cream cake for the rest of us (and at the end of the evening there was only one piece left anyway). As seems to be the tradition these days, Carter got mostly money from the relatives, but I bought him a Build-a-Bear gift card since I was told he'd like to get an Incredible Hulk bear from the latest "Avengers" movie. I put just enough on the gift card for the bear, but he'll have to use some of his Birthday cash to buy the clothes since they cost nearly as much as the bear!

Here's some pics from the party:
Have a good week everyone!

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