Thursday, June 4, 2015

Tuesday June 2, 2015
Today my artist friend, Zach, brought over the t-shirt quilt he made for me in under a month. Can't beat that for speed! I gave him something like two or three boxes of t-shirts (and an old quilt so he could scale the new quilt to the same size) and he figures he probably used about 39 shirts and returned one box to me (so I now have about three boxes of t-shirts). Since the quilt is more of a collage, rather than a collection of perfect squares, he was able to accommodate more shirts, which is what I wanted.

The first thing my husband, Andrew, said when he saw it was, "It's very colorful!" It is indeed, and certainly brightens up the room. Even our cat likes it (see the photo of where the quilt is all scrunched up because she's underneath it). Depending on how hot it gets this summer, we hope to leave it on as long as possible. Second photo is of Zach, who made our quilt.

Great job Zach!!! We'll definitely recommend you to others.

Wednesday June 3, 2015
Today our contractor, Ron Stansell (who I also highly recommend), got our pergola done. We met with him last month after getting a recommendation from a neighbor, who is also his ex mother-in-law, but likes him enough to keep him on speed dial for projects around the house. Though he wasn't necessarily the cheapest (but his bid was within $50 of the next lowest), he could do it almost immediately, so that was a huge plus. All total he and his brother built it within three days. Here are photos of it stage by stage.

Future plans for the pergola include planting Wisteria underneath it and watch it gradually climb the walls through the years. We might put our bench or a couple chairs underneath it once Andrew puts the bricks back in place that were removed for demolition/construction. Hence, more pictures to follow as we get things cleaned up.

Have a good weekend everyone!

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