Monday, May 18, 2015

Wednesday May 13, 2015
Tonight was week 4 and my last New Wave Watercolor class. This week we put some paint on our paper, then collaged over it a bit (though you can still see some of the color peeking through). We did this in another of Amy’s classes and it’s always my favorite thing to do. Here’s my creation this week:
I am hoping to glue it to some heavy cardboard and then display it somewhere.

Saturday May 16, 2015
Today was my husband, Andrew’s 41st B-day. It was a warm day with temperatures in the mid 70s, but mostly cloudy and quite wet at times! Hence, we nixed plans to stop at the Cox Arboretum in Dayton, and instead just went shopping and then drove back to Hilliard.

Our outing of the day was to Wise Choice British Foods, Gifts & Candies located south of us in Huber Heights. We had been there once before many years ago, and remembered they have a pretty good selection of British goods, at least as far as food and drink goes.

Before we went into Wise Choice, Andrew and I spotted an interesting store a couple doors down that seemed to be a combo antiques/dvds/PC & video game store with a little arcade in the back. As usual, Andrew took a quick look around at this video game museum cum dvd store, etc. and left empty handed. Meanwhile, I was scanning dvd titles as fast as I could and sent Andrew next door until I could get to the end of the alphabet. I ended up buying 4 dvds as they had a special deal – buy three and get the fourth free. I came away with two I had seen (best grab – “Pirate Radio”), and two I haven’t. One of them is called “Cinema Paradiso” and seems to be like a sequel to the original movie that came out in 1988. Should be an interesting watch, I hope.


Andrew is next door and filling his basket with tons of goodies. Just for the record, I only added a couple things – a package of McVities Cheddars and a tin of Heinz Pudding that we need to make sure we use before the expiration date at the end of this year. Even if I have to mark our calendar, I’ll make sure the pudding doesn’t go to waste! [I also grabbed a keychain of a union jack-printed high top tennis shoe or trainer as it’s called in the UK].

We both had a chat with Harry, the longtime owner of the store. Harry makes a point of chatting with all his customers, ex-pats or not, so it’s always an enjoyable experience doing business with him. In fact, we even got a 10% discount since we drove all the way in from Columbus (which is about an hour’s drive).

Once we arrived back in Hilliard we each had a sandwich from Which Wich located off of Rome Hilliard Rd. in the southern end of Hilliard (that we rarely visit these days).

After I got home from church and Andrew back from badminton, I made him dinner (raviolis with a recipe for the sauce) and gave him his last present (that I had forgotten to give him earlier) – a kerosene lantern for when we have power outages or just want a little mood lighting : )

The evening’s entertainment consisted of watching most of one of our favorite Japanese films, “Linda, Linda, Linda,” before stopping for the night when Andrew’s brother, Paul, called from Australia.

All in all I hope Andrew thought it was a good birthday.

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