Sunday, May 31, 2015

Last Week of May

Friday May 29, 2015
Tonight was my niece, Ashley's Confirmation. She was one of about 150 students getting confirmed that day. Because of the size of the group, they were split up into two sessions, and hers was the evening ceremony at 7:30pm. Unfortunately, the Bishop, who usually conducts the ceremony, was ill with the flu, so it was left to Fr. Bob and Fr. Haddad (along with two deacons), to do the honors. Even without the Bishop, there was still a lot of pomp and circumstance as the Knights of Columbus, in their regal robes and garments, led the procession of confirmandi, and stood at attention at the end of the mass while the priests and deacons led the newly confirmed students out.

I think Fr. Bob enjoyed doing the ceremony as he happily wielded the microphone and asked the nervous students questions before confirming them. Among other things, he asked, "Why did God create you?" I was kind of hoping for one of those silly answers, like the kind of thing you might have heard on Art Linkletter's "Kids Say the Darndest Things." Instead, he got a straight-from-the-textbook answer from a Hermione Granger wannabe. Ashley escaped having to give an answer since she was seated on one of the outside edges, and she's also not a St. Brendan student, so I think she was much relieved.

At any rate, the ceremony went off without a hitch. All were present sans Mike and Carter who had a baseball game. As expected, the mass lasted around an hour. Afterwards, Ashley got her picture taken with Fr. Bob and the family was invited back to Karen and Mike's for cake and ice cream.

Here's a few pictures from the evening:

Saturday May 30, 2015
Saturday Andrew and I went to the annual WCBE yard sale held on the lawn of the Fort Hayes campus, which consists of a school for the arts, amongst other buildings. Not sure what the rest of them are used for these days, besides one for the radio station obviously. The sale didn't end up being that big. It took less than an hour to look through everything and we ended up buying 3 CDs, a dvd, a book, and a couple ceramic items (a plate and a plant pot).

The fun part was the blast from the past for both of us as we spent longer lingering over old electronic equipment than looking through the boxes of junk further down. Andrew's favorite item was an old dark room timer that he debated buying. For me it was an old plastic reel (they also came in metal, which is what I usually used) - that you used to wind your negatives around before putting the reel in a light proof developing tank . I think they may have had one or two of those there too. If only I had an extra 24 hours every day to have a dark room (our ensuite bathroom) I would have bought up all the equipment, but sadly, I think those days are past for me. Andrew also enjoyed seeing all the outdated computer equipment including a double floppy drive on one of the computers. I think we both left there feeling a little sad and a little old! 

Here are some pics I took of the various items:

Today I planted my tomato seedlings which were ready to be put into the ground. Some definitely seemed hardier than others, so I suppose it will be survival of the fittest. I also checked on my Mouse Melon - one of which seems to be really thriving, and two others hanging on, but the rest have already died off. I planted some green pepper seeds in my bamboo planter and seem to have little sprouts coming up. Today I planted some radish seeds in a pot, so we'll see how those do (though I know they can go straight into the ground). Here are some pictures, including our first strawberry of the season (too bad my other plants don't thrive like the strawberry). We also have a healthy crop of mint. Now I just need to figure out what to do with it.

Have a good week everyone!

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