Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Tuesday May 19, 2015
I brought home a couple stale Krispy Kreme donuts from work and decided to make my own version of Tom + Chee's Fancy Grilled Cheese Donuts. More specifically, I tried to recreate the Strawberry Lemonade dessert. I didn't have any candied lemon, so I substituted lemon juice and used plain mascarpone cheese instead of the lemon version (I still don't know where you can buy flavored mascarpone cheese). Otherwise, I had the fresh (more or less) strawberries and mozzarella cheese, so I went to town! My only fault in making them was accidentally burning the donuts a little bit while frying them in butter - too high a heat setting and me more worried about taking pictures than taking care of my delicate creation. I've learned my lesson and will be more careful if I ever attempt to do this again in the future. Here is a photo of my lovely dessert:
Friday May 22, 2015
OUCH ouch ouch....
Friday afternoon I had my periodic (every 8 weeks) orthodontist appointment. As per usual they changed my wires, but this time put in nice big strong ones that are apparently square, instead of round, and quite heavy duty. Hence, the next half a dozen or so meals were excruciating to eat due to soreness in my mouth. Hence, I had a right old pout this weekend, and rightly so!

In addition, the orthodontist (at least it was the cute one, Dr. Cook) gave me new rubber bands to wear this summer - except this time it's only one band that I wear on the left side that needs to be in for 12 hours overnight. It's called a Quail band and is stretched in the formation of a triangle, which feels kind of weird, but isn't particularly painful. I am just annoyed because this means I now have to be more aware of the time and when I stop eating so I have time to brush my teeth and put in the band to make the deadline. So far I have only made that deadline twice in the last five days, so it's going to be difficult. I think I used to put my bands in straight after work so I could earn extra time, but not sure I want to bother since it's only one band this time. On the plus side, I guess this will keep me from snacking, and it's certainly one less thing to do before bed, so I should have no excuse for not getting to bed on time.

Selfie after brushing teeth and being in pain, Friday p.m.
Sunday May 24, 2015
Still having a bad weekend (teeth sore, lots of sweaty, back breaking yard work, too long a morning spent at a  nursing home/apt. complex for a church function, etc.) so I split a bottle of wine with my husband, which definitely cheered me up (and it was good wine too!). Don't worry, I'm  not an alchy (sp?), but definitely like to partake of an adult beverage or two every now and again.

After dinner, while still trying to make a reasonable deadline for getting my teeth brushed, I decided to make little (drunken) cheesecakes using leftover Neufchatel cream cheese and a pot of yogurt. I added some whipped cream, sour cream, and milk, in addition to a couple tablespoons of sugar. I forgot the vanilla and eggs. The eggs, especially would have helped as a binding agent. I crushed graham crackers and a few bran flakes (mixed with melted butter) to make the little crusts and sprayed a cupcake pan before adding the crust and fillings. They were quite tasty, if not a little crumbly getting them out of the pan. I would definitely make them again, but remember to add eggs and perhaps find a better way to keep the graham cracker crust intact. Here's a photo of them once I removed them from the pan.

Monday May 25, 2015
Today my husband and I took a break from our house and yard work and went to see "Ex Machina" at a local cinema. I can see why my husband wanted to see it since he, himself, is a computer programmer and the film is about a brilliant young programmer hired to test the AI (artificial intelligence) of a sexy, female robot created by the CEO of a fictional company called Blue Book.

My husband was a bit dubious about the way the keycards functioned in the house, but otherwise thought it was enjoyable. It was certainly thought-provoking and had me thinking of Hal from "2001 Space Odyssey" and perhaps the computer in "Wargames." It made me wonder what we would have thought of this movie had it been released back in the 80s (a bit like "Weird Science" I think). I especially loved the unexpected ending. It was one of those times where you say to yourself, "I did not see that coming!"

Either way, it was nice to get out of the windy, pollen-filled air and sit in a mildly air conditioned room for a couple hours!

Here's a photo of the movie poster:
Have a good week everyone!

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