Sunday, May 10, 2015

Wednesday May 6, 2015
Tonight was the third night of my weekly art class. We had a full house, which was nice. Turns out Nadya wasn't away playing with the tiger trio - she was sick! Poor Nadya. Hope you feel better soon!
Here's what I made in class this week:

We experimented using an Elegant Rollerball Calligraphy pen followed by various amounts of water and paint and other media. Hence, pens that boast 'no bleed' weren't what we wanted to use for our experiment. Now I need to get my own pen, so I plan to stop by Joann Fabrics next week and pick one up since they seem the most economical there.

Sunday May 9, 2015
Andrew took down our old fence that once surrounded a hot tub, but has been standing alone for the last year or so after we got rid of the hot tub. Since we're supposed to have a pergola built sometime this summer, the old fence had to be dismantled. Unfortunately, the posts aren't coming down without a fight, which is probably why we'll leave the remainder to our contractor. Here are some photos of the progress.

Other projects...

Our seedlings are looking quite healthy and should go into the ground shortly.
Also, I met with my artist friend, Zach, who has been commissioned to make us a t-shirt quilt using something like 20+ years (about 3 boxes) of t-shirts that I've been holding onto for this exact project. I knew it was something I wouldn't want to undertake (though Zach said he plans to teach a class in it in the autumn), and I had earmarked the proceeds from selling my grandma's diamond ring. By the end of summer (if not sooner), it should be a reality, so I'm excited, and a bit nervous, but I'm sure it will be fabulous. I don't have pictures yet to show you since it's still very early days, but I am confident Zach will create a work of art (he won an award on another quilt he once made).

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